The Chubby Bully and her Himbo Ch. 04

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Big Dick

Jessica had her wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses on while she lounged on the floating quay. Not too far, in the water, Scott and some of the other boys were throwing a plastic disc at each other and shouting happily. It’s as easy to entertain them as it is to entertain some dogs, she thought, snickering over her beer can. To her dismay, the can was empty, and she threw it into the lake.

Lucy was next to her, sitting under a parasol with a book and a joint, wearing her purple beanie and a black bikini. She would’ve stayed inside if not for both Kim and Jessica being currently on the lake. Jessica extended one of her chubby arms to grab the blunt from between Lucy’s lips.

“Hey, Jess!” a perky brunette called while climbing onto the wooden island.

“Hey… you…” Jessica lowered her glasses to get a better look at the girl.

“Lana,” she finally said, after meeting Jessica’s confused stare.

“Oh, yeah.”

“Do you not remember me?”

“… Have we had sex before?”

“What! Ew, no!” Her face turned red, with indignation, or shame, or maybe both. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say it like that. I swear I’m not homophobic or anything. And I didn’t mean it like, ew you’re unattractive or whatever, it’s not- you’re pretty, I’m just not- I don’t- I’m not…”

She paused, eyeing Jessica for a second, as if expecting her reaction, fearing retaliation. A younger Jessica might’ve thrown her into the lake for less, but she was serene that day, especially since she was getting high on Lucy’s stash. She vaguely remembered the girl, probably someone she met at Allison’s sorority parties and who believed herself memorable.

“What do you want?”

“So, then, hum, are you… lesbian, then?”


“It’s just, well… huh… I heard, from Alli, that you were kinda with Scott?” She looked out into the lake at the group of loud men.

Jessica laughed. “Scott and I are just friends, you got my blessing if you wanna get with him, Dana.”

“It’s Lana.”

“See, I would remember your name better if you went and got me a beer from that cooler,” she told her while pointing at the blue box across the quay.

“But… it’s not even twenty feet from you.”

“Yes, but, I am sitting down, and you aren’t,” Jessica argued.

The other girl must’ve been swayed by her argument, because she brought back two cans; One was for herself.

“So, what’s the deal, exactly? Between you and Scott?”

Jessica eyed her up and down from behind her sunglasses. The tight little brunette had a small chest, but a perfect bubble butt. She also had one of those cute “girl-next-door” kind of face that looked good even with no makeup, soaked in lake water. Scott likes girls like me, not thin little sorority sluts. Shit, that’s not true, I’ve seen some of the girls he’s been with before, he likes all kinds of sizes. Fuck.

Jessica almost regretted giving that girl the greenlight. She had come here with Scott as friends (albeit with benefits, but still just friends), because she wanted to leave her options open in case she saw anyone other than him that she wanted to bang. But now, the idea that he might fuck someone else made her blood boil. She didn’t even know if he had messed around with anyone else since Halloween. She had never asked him about it, but she didn’t know whether it was because she truly didn’t care what he did on his own time, or because she would’ve hated to hear about him shagging other girls.

“They’re friends-with-benefits,” Lucy said, her eyes still facing her book.

“Oh?” The… other girl responded. Shit, was it Diana or Dana?

“Yeah… we are,” Jessica stated, with pride. She was at least glad that the other girl was now aware that she wouldn’t get Scott all to herself, if she even managed to seduce him. It seemed to chill the other girl’s enthusiasm a little. Just a little. She finished her drink and then jumped in the lake, at about the same time Kim was making his way up the ladder.

“How’s my best girl doing?” Kim asked with a wide smile.

“I’m good,” Jessica responded before Lucy had the chance to open her mouth. Jessica received a light slap on the arm for that.

The rest of the day was pretty chill, especially since Jessica went to take a nap. She woke up around nine pm, which was great because the raunchy drinking part of the evening wouldn’t have started yet. Loud bass resonating through the walls and floors of the cabin had pulled her out of her slumber. She put on a tight white shirt with a little red blouse, as well as a black skirt and dark nylon pantyhose. Before coming out of her room, she put on some cute colorful makeup and decided to go with glasses instead of contact lenses.

When she got to the kitchen, she saw the tight brunette (Linda?) hovering around Scott, laughing way too hard at the things he said and finding excuses to touch his arms. Scott is not that funny. Scott seemed to enjoy the attention, until his eyes fell upon Jessica. She decided to give him the librarian amasya escort look, tilting her head forward to look at him over the rim of her glasses. She licked her lips for good measure.

The look of lust that Scott gave her back was a good indication that she had succeeded. He lifted a finger at the girl by his side, and whispered something, probably along the lines of “can you give me a minute,” or something.

He made his way towards Jessica, who kept up the librarian look until he was standing right in front of her.

“You’re wearing your glasses.”

“I am.”

“You look like a librarian.”

“I do.”

“I… dig it.”

“I know. Wanna break the rules and have sex somewhere we’re not supposed to?”

Scott said nothing. Of course he wanted to do that. She knew that. He knew that she knew. She grabbed him by the hand and pulled him away, trying to make sure that Allison didn’t see them sneak together to the second floor and into the master bedroom’s lavish bathroom.

Jessica sat on the sink while he ate her pussy, her toes curling against his hard muscled back. They could hear the resonance of the loud bass, so Jessica allowed herself to make a bit of noise as she enjoyed her friend going down on her.

After he made her cum, it was his turn. She kneeled on a fuzzy bathroom towel and opened her mouth greedily, but he pulled out his phone and gave her a “may I?” kinda look, to which she nodded with a smile. After taking a picture of her looking cute, he got to fucking her face. He was kinda rough, but eventually she had to tap him and pull him out of her throat to beg him to be rougher, which he agreed to without hesitation.

To her surprise, he pulled out right as he was on the edge; It turned out that he wanted to blast ropes all over her face. Her glasses, especially, received a thick layer of nutmilk. He took out his phone again, and this time she even let her tongue out and made peace signs, giving him a cute cum-covered ahegao face.

She hastily cleaned her glasses and her face, but a few drops had fallen on her shirt. Luckily, she had chosen a white shirt, so the cum-stains were relatively invisible.

“You ready to go back downstairs?” she asked with a smile.

“Wait, we gotta clean our mouths.”

“What? Why?”

“Because I just ate you and you sucked me off, we can’t go talking to other people with that on our breath!”

“Why not? I don’t mind if everyone knows I give good head.”

“That wouldn’t be polite,” he said while grabbing a bottle of mouthwash from the bathroom counter.

Jessica rolled her eyes, but still followed his lead. The strong scent of mint (mostly) replaced the taste of genitals from their lips.


“No, I swear, I can do it!” Allison insisted, barely able to stand by herself. She had been trying to tie a cherry stem into a knot with her tongue for the past ten minutes. Eventually, she lifted a hand in celebration and let out a loud “Woooo!”, pulling out the stem. But when she held it in front of her face, it was still untied.

“Alli, stop, it’s alright,” Lucy said, trying to stop her from putting the stem back into her mouth with little success.

Jessica gently pushed Lucy away and grabbed Allison by the shoulder.

“Hess, I han ho it” the blonde said with the stem in her mouth.

Jessica grabbed the stem from between her lips and sucked it into her own mouth. Within seconds, she pulled the stem out, with a nice little knot in the middle.

“How you do that!?” Allison cried out indignantly.

“Babe, look at me,” she said while gesturing in the general direction of her fat body. “Mouth stuff is kinda my domain of expertise.” She looked back at Scott, who almost spit out a mouthful of beer when Jessica winked at him.

“I wish I could do it,” Allison lamented.

“But do you know what you can do,” responded Jessica, while handing her a red solo cup filled with orange juice and maybe a tad too much vodka. “You can gulp down a screwdriver better than anyone I know.”

They drank, smoked, and played games. Jessica showed off her billiard skills, beating Scott with a three-ball lead. Scott took it quite well, showing his sportsmanship. The stake of the game had been a bunch of hard liquor shooters, which Scott gladly downed.

Kayla was hard at work on her yearly tradition, trying to beat Allison’s dad’s high score on the arcade booth. There were many games on the hacked machines; Kayla had the high score in about half the games, Allison’s dad in the other half. But there was one game that never ceased to cause contention. The two traded the top Pac-Man high-score spot every year since the machine had been bought, leaving three-letters messages in the name entry. Kayla was really on edge this year, because Allison’s dad had managed to beat her last high score not once, but twice, leaving the names “IM” in first place and “BTR” in second place.

“i’M bEtTEr my ass, old man,” she muttered angrily amasya escort bayan when Jessica looked at the screen over her shoulder.

“You’re really going to spend the rest of the night watching this dumb screen?”

“Rest of the week, if need be.”

“What word are you gonna put on?”

“ASS!” She screamed with such passion that it made the others in the room stare at her.

“Wow. A devastating burn. Not at all the third-grader retort of a friendless dork.”

“I have an excuse. Am very drunk. I’m just much better than Alli at not showing it,” she said, nudging her head towards the bathroom door. The heavy music and the multiple conversations covered any sound coming from behind the closed door.

“Is she alone in there?”

Kayla nodded, without taking her eyes off the screen.

Jessica stared at the closed bathroom, then at Scott. “You gotta take care of your friends,” he would tell her. She rolled her eyes and sighed at the hypothetical words she made up for him in her own head.

She went to the bathroom door and knocked, then tried the handle; It was unlocked. Allison was bent over the side of the bathtub, heaving, but the smell of the room told Jessica that her friend hadn’t puked yet.

She closed the door, opened the ceiling fan, and remembering Scott’s hand’s message, filled a glass of water from the sink, before sitting on the side of the bathtub next to Allison.

“You okay Al?”

“Good, good. Made my hair a ponytail, not gonna get mah hair dirty,” her voice was strained.

“Drink this,” Jessica said while giving her the glass, her other hand rubbing Allison’s back.


“Really, you’re fine with it?” Jessica asked her tipsy boytoy.

“Sure,” Scott said nonchalantly, “I mean, if she feels ill in the middle of the night, you can help her, it makes sense.”

Allison was asleep on the right side of their large bed, with a bucket by her side. If she did get sick during the night, she would probably be glad to have someone there to help her. Moreover, Jessica didn’t want her friend to be left alone after she passed out drunk in a house full of horny people.

“This means you and I, we’re not going to do anything freaky tonight,” she told him.

He looked back at her with a blank face. “Yeah, I know. Your friend is passed out on the side of the bed. We’re not fucking next to her.”

“And you’re fine with that?”

“Yeah? Why?”

“I don’t know, we kinda came here for sex, and tonight you’re not getting any. Aren’t you disappointed?”

Scott sat down on the bed, wearing his cute little thinking frown. He turned to Allison, as if to make sure that she was well asleep and not listening to their conversation, nevertheless, he whispered. “Jess, I didn’t come here just for sex. I came here to spend some fun times with friends. I mean, yeah, the sex is a plus, but I also like just chilling with the people here, swimming, drinking, playing pool. Kim even mentioned a place where he went fishing last year and he wants to take me to tomorrow.”

Jessica sat down next to him, placing her head on his broad solid shoulder.



“Do you ever think that…”

“That what?”

That you and I could ever be more than friends-with-benefits. That you could ever feel love for someone as messed up as I.

“Do you ever think that it would be fun to walk on the moon?” she asked, trying to think of something random and inane. She felt light-headed from the night of drinking, but sober enough to know that she was too drunk to have the talk with Scott right that moment.

“I’ve thought about it a lot, to be honest. The gravity is lighter so you can jump very high.”


Jessica was blissfully asleep when someone gently shook her arm; It didn’t wake her. They talked loudly in her ear; It didn’t wake her. The glass of water dumped on her face did wake her.

“What the hell is wrong with you!” screamed the drenched redhead.

“Wake the fuck up, Jessica. We have a code red, red alert, DEFCON whichever is the worst number.” Lucy’s voice had none of its usual nonchalance.

“I’m trying to sleep here! You have no right to disturb me like this! Scott, use your big muscles to throw her out of the room!”

“Jess, it’s noon. Scott has been up for like three hours.”

Jessica groggily sat up and looked around, observing that there was indeed no himbo laying by her side. Allison was also gone, along with her bucket. Outside the room, she could hear the loud clanking sounds of billiard balls being hit and wondered how she could’ve slept through that. Her eyes finally went back to Lucy as she stretched her neck with a loud crack.

“Josie’s car just got here.”

Jessica, half-awake and slightly hungover, glared back at Lucy with as much fury in her eyes as she was able to muster in her current state. “You fucking serious?”

“I asked Alli, and apparently Sofia invited her.”

“Yeah, of course she escort amasya did.”

“Get up, we gotta make you look presentable.”

“Why? Can’t I just look like trash and hope that’ll drive her away?”

Now Lucy was glaring.

“Yeah, alright, do your thing.”

“First…” She handed her a mug of coffee and two aspirin pills, which Jessica drank and swallowed wordlessly.

Lucy brushed her hair while Jessica wiped off the previous day’s ruined makeup, then reapplied light makeup using her phone camera as a mirror. They worked fast to make her presentable, then picked an outfit for Jessica that seemed to say “Yeah I’m hot as fuck, but in a casual way where I don’t even notice it.”

Dark blue jeans shorts paired with nylon stockings, and a black short-sleeve shirt that stopped right below her boobs, leaving her midsection bare. And a pair of sunglasses, to hide her sleepy eyes.

They passed by the game room, waving at the guys playing pool. Once upstairs, they didn’t see their quarry anywhere within the house, so Lucy led her to a window. Josephine, as resplendent as ever, stood near the parked cars and talked with Sofia, Kayla, Guy one and two, Allison and…

Jessica’s mouth gaped. Not only was Scott there, casually chatting with Josephine, but they were… smiling? Laughing? Bantering? At one point he said something that made the tall woman burst out laughing. And then he offered to help carry her bags!

“Oh no, Scott!” Lucy whispered. “Don’t fraternize with the enemy!”

Why is he so friendly? Why is she? This can’t be good.

When the others made their way into the house, Lucy and Jessica were standing in the kitchen, acting out a fairly engaged conversation. “You need to look like you’ve been awake for more than five minutes,” Lucy had said while filling two tall glasses with water.

When they saw the two of them, Scott was the first to give them a wave. He was holding Josephine’s bag. A real fucking gentleman.

“Hey, Jess!” He called out with a joyful air. Just hearing him say her name happily made her want to jump in his arms, Josephine or no Josephine.

“Hey, Scott!” She called back. “That color looks good on you,” she added while pointing to the pink bag hanging from his elbow.”

“Oh, no, that’s not mine.” His tone was matter of fact, as if he believed it possible that Jessica might’ve thought it really was his bag.

Josephine walked towards the counter island until she was right besides Lucy. The shorter woman kept her eyes straight towards Jessica, as if she was scared of meeting the gaze of the towering woman.

“Jess.” Josephine’s eyes were those of a hawk observing a mouse that it fully intended to strike at. Although, with Jessica’s shape, the metaphor felt somewhat inadequate.

“Josephine,” Jessica said in response. She felt silly wearing the sunglasses inside. After all, would it be so bad if she knew Jessica slept late during a week of non-stop parties?

Behind them, Allison, who looked like she had miraculously recovered from the night before, was guiding the men, and Jessica noticed the Guys holding grocery bags and crates of alcohol bottles and beer cans. Of course, that bitch came in with a bunch of food and booze to bribe people into liking her! No, that’s not true, she doesn’t need any of those for people to love her. Fuck she’s so pretty.

Sofia stood behind Josephine, looking at the confrontation with great morbid interest.

“Scott’s a great guy,” Jessica finally said after an uncomfortably long moment of silence. “Offering to bring your bag all the way to your room when he barely knows you. He’s a real gentleman.”

“I wouldn’t say barely. But I will agree that he is great. Every time we meet, he is a delight. Especially when you aren’t around to tell him what to think.”

Jessica felt a pit of dread growing slowly but certainly in her stomach. What does she mean by that? When I’m not around??

Before she could get more details from Josephine, Scott was back.

“Your bag is all settled, Jos.” He smiled widely, as if there was anything to be proud of in transporting a bag a couple of rooms over.

“Thank you, Scotty.”

Jessica’s fists clenched, her eyes jumping from one to the other. Jos? Jos!? Scotty? That’s way too casual for someone he’s met only once, in passing. Have they…

Without losing a second, Jessica went to grab Scott’s arm and pull him away.

“It’s been wonderful seeing you again, Josephine,” she said while taking her big dumb man away.

Scott looked back at the rest of the group with an upset look while he was being dragged away towards the nap room, as Allison had called it, the study full of comfortable chairs and bookshelves.

“Jess, you’re hurting my arm.” Considering the size of his muscle, she highly doubted that.

“Good. What was that all about?”

“What was what all about?”

“jOs,” Jessica repeated in a mocking tone. “SCoTtY.” She took off the sunglasses and locked eyes with Scott. Even if he was a good foot taller, she managed to stare him down and make him feel small.

“That’s just what we call each other, why is that a problem?”

“Yeah, well that kinda sounds like how two friends would talk to each other, all casual and stuff with nicknames.”

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