Good Friends

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Jill looked over at the phone when she heard the ring. After several rings it went to voicemail. She just didn’t want to talk to anyone right now. She and Justin broke up last night, and although it was mutual, and for the best, she was still sad and disappointed. Another failed relationship. She wanted to enjoy feeling sorry for herself for awhile in peace and quiet. She stood up to walk into the bathroom and look at herself in the mirror. She considered herself to be sort of pretty. She looked in the mirror and saw a woman with long brunette hair, and deep brown eyes. She turned sideways — she could stand to lose a few pounds, but mostly liked her curves. She had nice hips and a gently rounded backside, to go along with her 36C chest. Justin was missing out, she decided.

The phone rang again, and irritated, Jill quickly stepped back into the room, picked it up to see who kept calling. It was her friend Elly. She sighed and decided she better just answer, or knowing Elly, she would just keep calling.

“Hi Elly.”

“Hey girl, what’s going on? You aren’t answering your phone?”

“Sorry,” she said hesitating, “Justin and I broke up last night, and I was having a little pity party for myself.”

“Oh hon, I’m so sorry. I’m on my way over.”

“No, Elly you don’t-“

Elly cut her off, “Not a chance. See you in 20,” and hung up.

Jill smiled in spite of herself, Elly was such a great friend, she knew exactly what she needed.

True to her word, 20 minutes later there was a knock on her door, and Jill opened the door to see Elly standing there with a bag in her arm. Jill always was a little jealous of Elly’s petite body. She was blond, 5’4, with a tiny frame and cute perky boobs. If they weren’t such good friends, she would hate her. “I am here to make everything better,” Elly said, stepping in around Jill and heading to the kitchen, with Jill following. She set the bag down, and pulled out a gallon of ice cream and a bottle of wine. “I brought supplies!”

Jill just shook her head. “Ok, you grab a couple of spoons and the wine glasses, and I’ll pick out the movie!

A couple of hours later, the ice cream and wine were gone, and Jill and Elly were stretched out on the floor in front of the couch, watching the ending movie credits.

“How are you feeling sweetie,” Elly said, reaching over to squeeze Jill’s shoulder.

“Better. I’m really ok, it wasn’t like it was going to work with him. We have hardly spent any time together lately anyway, it’s just..”

” I know — sorry. Geez,” Elly said feeling the tension in her friend’s shoulder. “Even after my ice cream and wine treatment, your muscles feel so tight. Lay down and let me give you a neck rub and massage, I’m sure you could use a little more TLC.”

Jill casino siteleri felt like she should say no, after all Elly had already done for her, but that sounded so good, her neck was pretty sore. So she just moved to lie down on her stomach on the carpeted floor. Elly straddled her friend’s butt, and started kneading Jill’s upper shoulders and neck, trying not to be too rough, but break up that muscle tension. She smiled when she heard Jill let out a small sigh. She loved her friend, and since they shared just about everything, she knew that she and Justin hadn’t spent much time together for the last few weeks, including in bed, and whether she wanted to admit it or not, she was sexually frustrated. Jill could do something about that.

“That feels so good,” Jill moaned. “You can stop in an hour or two.”

“Just be quiet and relax — you deserve it.”

Jill did just that, and let her friend go to work on her aching muscles. It felt amazing to just lie there, and be pampered. She barely noticed when Elly started to push up her shirt in the back, and unhook her bra, pushing the straps down.

“Hey,” Elly said softly.

“Hmmm,” Jill responded softly.

“Sit up for just a minute. I can do a better job without material in the way.” Jill sat up sleepily, and lifted her arms as Elly pulled the shirt over her head, and pulled her bra off. “Lay back down,” Elly said, and Jill did.

Elly started the massage again, now not impeded by clothing coming between her hands and the skin of Jill’s back. Elly couldn’t help thinking about how soft Jill’s skin was, and she was enjoying the feeling of her Jill’s supple flesh under her hands, almost as much as Jill was being on the receiving end.

The soft hands moving up and down the skin of Jill’s back was giving her goosebumps. Not surprising considering that it had been awhile since anyone had touched her much. Elly’s hands traced circles whisper soft on Jill’s back and she couldn’t hold back a small moan.

Elly smiled, glad to be bringing her friend a little pleasure, but she could do better. She paused, pulling her own shirt over her head. She had small perky breasts, so didn’t need a bra, and her nipples reacted to the sudden exposure to the cool air, and hardened. She brought her hands up to her own breasts, cupping them and rubbing her nipples. She held in a moan, not wanted to disturb her friend’s experience.

“Don’t move,” she whispered, and seeing that Jill wasn’t moving, she stood up and shimmied out of her jeans and bikini underwear. She wasn’t surprised to see her hairless pussy glistening with liquid, and she reached down and gave her clit a small rub with her middle finger. She shook her head, looking back at her friend still laying passively on the floor, and walked to the bathroom. slot oyna She pulled out the baby oil off the shelf, and headed back to the livingroom.

She straddled Jill’s hips again, pulling the top of her sweatpants down a little, to expose her lower back and top of her ass. She opened the oil, poured some in her hand, set the bottle down, and starting rubbing her hands together to warm the oil. Then she continued the massage, starting with the middle of Jill’s back, and moving to caress her sides by her breasts, down along her hips, and to the top of her ass. She could hear Jill’s even breathing, and feel how relaxed she was under her. She leaned over to softly run her breasts over Jill’s oiled back, paused to see if her friend would respond, and when she didn’t she reached up to Jill’s neck, and rubbed her hard nipple points back and forth, unconsciously pushing her cunt against the fabric of Jill’s sweats.

Elly pulled slightly up and away from Jill’s body, and moving her by her hips, turned her around gently so she ended up on her back. Jill’s eyes stayed closed, as Elly grabbed the bottle, and prepped some fresh oil. She started rubbing her friend’s breasts, softly squeezing the firm flesh, circling around the hardening nipples. In her half-asleep state, Jill moaned deeply and pressed her hips up against Elly’s pelvis. Elly held her breath, waiting for her to wake up. When she didn’t move again, she leaned over and started nibbling on Jill’s neck, her breasts now rubbing against Jill’s, her nipples somehow hardening further, and her pussy was starting to throb.

Jill moaned again and Elly moved down to take one nipple in her mouth and suck gently, while the other hand continued to flick and squeeze the other nipple. She couldn’t get enough of her friend’s tits, and starting moving back and forth suckling between the two nipples. Then she took a hand to reach down into Jill’s sweats, under her panties. Oh, god, Jill was so wet, her panties were soaking. She was obviously ripe for some relief.

Elly wasn’t gay, but she had been open to lots of different kinds of sexual experiences, and found her sexual relations with women had been so pleasurable. She knew Jill had some interest in women, but would never have approached her, so this had presented her the perfect opportunity to bring them both some needed pleasure. She just hoped this wouldn’t wreck their friendship.

Jill was floating in a partially asleep state, dreaming about someone touching her, caressing her everywhere. She gave in to the sensations overwhelming her, not remembering the last time she had felt this good, if ever.

Elly continued to rub Jill’s slickened clit, feeling the warm wetness leaking from her own pussy down her thighs. Jill was pushing up against Elly’s hand, needing more canlı casino siteleri pressure, thrusting and moaning. Elly took a nipplie in her mouth again, sucking hard, hand moving faster and faster over Jill’s clit, feeling her friend start to tense up near to orgasm.

Jill let out a small scream as she came, juices from her pussy squirting over Elly’s hand, and her eyes opened slowly to look down at Elly’s still sucking on her breast. Elly hadn’t stopped rubbing Jill’s pussy, and now slipped three fingers inside her, while flicking her clit with her thumb. Jill couldn’t believe what was happening, that her friend was touching her like this, and had just made her come harder than she ever had before. Barely were those thoughts running through her head, when another orgasm started to build, and Jill couldn’t stop Elly or even mutter a word. She didn’t want this to stop, she was so aroused her body was on fire.

Elly pulled off Jill’s nipple and looked at her friend below her. She saw she was awake now, and completely turned on. Their eyes met, and Elly knew Jill didn’t want her to stop, so she needed to give her more, she knew she was on the edge. She crawled down Jill’s body, pulling her sweatpants all the way off. Looking at her friends soaking wet pussy, she licked her lips in anticipation. She wanted to eat Jill’s pussy as much as she knew her friend would enjoy it.

Her hands pushed Jill’s thighs apart, with no resistance, and lowered her mouth to first suck on her engorged clitoris. Jill’s hips jerked up in response, and she started moaning, unable to form words. Elly sucked relentlessly, while she pushed her fingers back inside Jill’s cunt, working quickly in and out, in and out. Her own hips were thrusting against the floor, lost in her own pleasure. Elly let out a muffled moan, against Jill’s pussy, while Jill’s moans were getting louder as her hips were thrusting up against her friend’s face.

Elly pulled away from Jill’s pelvis, and Jill sighed in frustration. Elly pulled herself up on top of her friend, kissing her, tongue pressing to get inside. Jill opened her mouth and felt Elly’s tongue press in against her own, tasting Elly and her own juices from Elly’s mouth. Their pussies were pressed against each other thrusting harder and harder, pressure building until they both yelled out against each other’s mouth, climaxing.

Elly collapsed on top of Jill, head against her neck, feeling her juices and Jill’s wetness combining against their thighs. Slowly they were able to catch their breath, and Elly moved off Jill, to sit beside her prone friend. She cautiously glanced at her friend, afraid of what her reaction might be.

“Well,” Jill finally said after a few quiet moments, “I’m a little confused, but I feel better”. Jill sat up to face her friend. “Thanks for coming over.

They both started laughing, and reached over to hug each other. This friendship had just gotten a lot closer, and Jill was looking forward to more “friend” time with Elly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32