Teasing the Teacher Pt. 02

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John lay in bed all evening unable to sleep. Bobbi Jo Scarlet had set him on fire. He had forgotten what it was like to be so aroused. His mind, always tasked with intellectual or professional matters, rarely drifted so deeply into sex and sensuality.

He wondered if she would start talking to, or texting her friends. She and Annie Hansen were close. He knew Annie was a gossipy trollup who would love nothing more than to tell everyone she knew that Bobbi Jo got finger banged by her teacher, Mr. Stark.

Fuck, what did it matter. His phone buzzed. There was a message from a number he didn’t recognize. “I’m telling you that I want you.” It said.

Bobbi Jo? He thought.

John did not reply. He really knew nothing about her except that she made decent grades and was one of the most attractive girls he had ever taught. Definitely the boldest. His phone buzzed again.

“:(” it said .

He wondered how Bobbi Jo could’ve got his number. He damned well wasn’t texting her back. That’s all he needed, parents finding out he was texting her. But god he wanted her. His phone buzzed again.

“You told me to TELL you!”

So it was her. He knew that at least.

Fuck it he thought. ” Hi, I really appreciate that. It means a lot to me. Talk tomorrow?”

She replied, “:)”.

John thought Bobbi Jo looked tired in class the next day. She kept her legs crossed like a good girl, at least. The game was in her hands now. He was not going to pursue her. It was on her.

He heard his phone vibrate while he was diagraming a sentence on the chalkboard. John turned to see it lit up on his desk. Bobbi Jo’s hands were stone cold. No phone in sight. He could not help but look at the message.

“I want to show you that I want you, after class.” read the message.

After kartal escort bayan class came quickly. Slowly everyone filed out except Bobbi Jo. She stared longingly at her teacher. When everyone had left she approached his desk.

“I loved how you made me feel yesterday Mr. Stark.” Said Bobbi Jo. She knelt down beside his desk and hugged him around the waist, running a hand over his thigh and tight stomach, slowly moving closer to his cock.

She began to rub it through his slacks and let out a long deep breath. Relieved that she had finally gotten the nerve up.

“It’s so big, my god,” whispered Bobbi Jo.

She unbuckled his belt and slacks and pulled out his cock. It was like a mail-order dildo she had seen online. She wanted to take it in her mouth, suckle it, drive it down deep in her throat, place it in her pussy, slide down until it hit whatever could stop it.

Instead Bobbi Jo stood up and kissed her teacher, removed her white silk, lacy panties and began to stroke Mr. Stark’s Cock with them.

In moments he was moaning with pleasure. She stroked him faster, until she could feel the wet pre-cum moisten her hands and panties. Mr. Stark was breathing hard and rocking back in his chair.

“Make me cum Bobbi Jo!” He implored, pulling her close and kissing her fiercely.

She jacked him off harder. “You like my panties Mr. Stark, Don’t you?”

“Oh god Bobbi Jo!” He moaned.

Then it was payback time. He should have seen this coming. John was confused for a fraction of a second, then amused by his student’s courage and cleverness.

She didnt let him cum. She stopped and put her panties back on and kissed him sweetly on the lips. She could play that game too.

Bobbi Jo blew Mr. Stark a kiss as she left the room. He escort maltepe sat behind his desk and watched the door close behind her, an odd mix of admiration and disappointment stretched across his face.

Not long after he returned from lunch he received another text.

“Meet me by your car after school.” It said.

John waited until the teacher’s parking lot had cleared out and the dark October evening sky began to settle in. There was an SUV he didn’t recognize parked next to his Jetta. It must have Been Bobbi Jo’s he thought.

As he opened his car door he saw her step out of the SUV. What was he thinking? What was he doing? He was powerless to stop it. She was wearing black low cut form fitting workout tights from practice with a halter top that left her stomach exposed and augmented her full round breasts.

They got in his car and before John could utter a word she was kissing him and rubbing his cock. They might have gone somewhere he thought. John nervously looked around the darkening parking lot for signs of people. There was no one.

Bobbi Jo kissed him and unbuttoned his shirt, rubbing and admiring his chest. She kissed and sucked his nipples as she unbuttoned his slacks, releasing his cock.

She ran her tongue down his stomach and took his cock in her mouth. John leaned his soft leather seat back as far as it would go.

Bobbi Jo began to blow him eagerly, inching further down his shaft with each stroke. No woman had been so hungry for his cock, John thought.

“Take it all Bobbi Jo,” urged John. “Take all 10 inches!”

Bobbi Jo moaned with delight and soon had her lips down to the base of his cock. John could feel the back of her throat against his sensitive foreskin as she expertly pleasured him. No teeth, no coughing or pendik escort choking. Amazing!

“I’m going to cum baby,” he warned her, not wanting her to choke on the impending flood of juices.

Bobbi Jo lifted up her top and began jacking him off hard, swatting and rubbing his cock over and between her perfect c-cup breasts and engorged nipples. As his cum began to erupt, she took the head of his cock in her mouth and swallowed him down as she squeezed out every last drop.

“Thank you Mr. Stark,” she said, still gently holding onto his spent shaft.

Bobbi Jo kissed him and pulled her top back over her breasts. John was still reclined, enjoying one of the best relaxing moments of his life. It was quickly interrupted by the buzz of his phone.

He looked at the number and was confused. He showed the phone to Bobbi Jo.

“Isn’t this your number?” He asked.

She giggled. “No that’s Annie’s phone.”

John sat up, feeling a bit angered and tricked.

It was the number he had received texts from last night and today in class. What the Hell. Bobbi Jo didn’t seem concerned about it.

“Well my phone’s broken Mr. Stark plus I was staying with Annie last night,” she explained.

John contemplated going back to his office, gathering up all of his belongings and writing up his resignation right then. Annie had probably told half of the senior class by now. Bobbi Jo must have seen the look of horror on his face.

“Oh don’t worry Mr. Stark, Annie likes you a lot. Everyone likes you. She won’t say anything.”

It was true. John was a popular teacher. He couldn’t think of any enemies he had made in the classroom this year.

“What did the text say anyway, Mr. Stark?” Asked Bobbi Jo, running her fingers sweetly through his hair. He had forgotten to read it.

“That was hot! Can I please be next?” he read aloud.

John frowned mildly at Bobbi Jo and leaned over to look at the SUV beside him. There in the drivers seat, smiling wryly and waving was Annie Hansen. She had been watching the whole time.

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