Sweet Sisters

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College was out for the summer. Jackie and Lana were both heading home for the short summer break. They had both been away at separate colleges for the year and they were both looking forward to spending the summer together with their family in South Carolina.

Jackie was already home and had just gotten finished eating dinner with her mother when Lana finally arrived.

“Lana!” Jackie exclaimed as she greeted her younger sister at the door, “You’re home. I’m so happy to see you.”

Jackie gave Lana a long hug at the door as their mother grabbed her bags and set them aside the door next to Jackie’s bags.

Jackie was a year older than Lana. They had always been close, growing up. It had been a difficult year apart. They missed each other’s company. It wasn’t the same spending time with friends at college. It always seemed that Jackie and Lana could spend hours talking and doing things together and they always seemed to get along. Their favorite pass time is spending time at the beach, flirting with the guys as they walked down the beach. They were never serious. They just liked to tease. They were looking forward to spending a lot of time at the beach before having to go back to another year of college, apart.

“Jackie. It is so good to see you again,” Lana said as she embraced her sister, “Talking on the phone with you just isn’t the same.”

Lana smiled at Jackie as she looked over at her mother. She let go of Jackie and went over and gave her mother a big hug. “I missed you too, Mom”.

“We just finished eating some dinner,” said their mother, “Did you get a chance to eat anything on your way here, Lana? We have some left over.”

“Thanks Mom,” said Lana with a smile. She had a gorgeous smile that always made people feel warm inside. “I did stop by a drive thru a couple hours back and I’m fine.”

“Well, then… why don’t you girls take your bags up to your room and get all settled in,” said their mother, ” I bet you two have a lot of things to get caught up on. It’s late and I’m sure you are both tired. You can tell me all about what you’ve been up to tomorrow morning when you’ve both had some rest.”

“Yes, it has been a long drive,” said Lana, “It will be good to see our old room again.”

Jackie and Lana giggled as they grabbed their bags and headed upstairs. “Thanks mom!”

Their bedroom was quite large and it overlooked the ocean through a sliding glass door facing east. It had light yellow walls with a pink floral border all the way around it. The carpet was a deep pink, to match the floral border. Each girl had a bed at opposite sides of the room. The beds still had their old ivory silk comforters covering them, with white lacy fringes lining the edges. It looked just as it did when they were growing up here and still had a very girlish look that they had now outgrown. Even with it’s outdated look, it was still their most favorite place in the world. There were so many fond memories made here. Being back made them almost feel like never wanting to leave again.

Lana plopped down onto her bed at the north side of the room while Jackie opened the siding glass door to let in the ocean air. The feel of her very own bed again was very inviting. She spread her finger out over the smooth covers of her bed as she leaned back, relaxing on it’s softness.

She was a pretty sight. Lana was almost 20 years old now and she had matured a lot over the past year. She had a slender build that had filled out in the right places since Jackie had seen her last. Her delicate legs dangled over the side of the bed, still tan for this time of the year. She had long wavy blond hair that spread over the covers of her bed and her eyes were almost a piercing light blue, giving her an exotic look in the dancing light of the evening. She wore white shorts and a yellow cut off top that exposed her tight tanned belly, which now sported a shiny silver belly ring that wasn’t there the year before.

Jackie smiled at her little sister as she stepped back to sit on her own bed at the opposite side of the room.

“When did you get that?” asked Jackie with a chuckle.

“Get what?” said Lana with an always friendly smile.

“That belly ring,” pointed Jackie with a whisper, “Mom would probably flip if she saw that.”

“Well,” said Lana slyly, “She’d probably flip if she saw this too.”

Lana rolled over onto her stomach and slid down the edge of her shorts to expose the right side of her buttock. There, Jackie spied the tattoo of a butterfly that Lana had permanently placed on her soft light rear, hidden under her bikini line.

“Lana,” giggle Jackie, “You silly little girl. What else have you been up to while you’ve been gone?”

“You’d be surprised!” laughed Lana as she pulled her shorts back up while she brought herself to sit upright on the bed.

“Please tell me,” asked Jackie eagerly as she got up and shut the door to their room, to hide their conversation from their mother who was just downstairs. She moved towards Lana’s bed and ataşehir escort bayan sat next to her sister. They both turned to face each instinctively grasping each other’s hands.

Lana smiled at her sister, inspecting the changes that had come about Jackie over the past year. Her 21 year old sister was a sight that she had always admired. Jackie had long light brown hair with curly ringlets that cascaded down her shoulders. As far back as Lana could remember, her sister always had beautiful curly hair. Jackie had a well defined jaw line, characteristic of any model out there. She had dark brown eyes and soft tan skin. Even though Lana had nothing to be jealous of, she often envied Jackie’s exquisite look. On several occasions, Lana had told Jackie that she should pursue a career in modeling but Jackie would just laugh and say it’s not for her. Lana also often wondered in the back of her mind, if they even had the same father because of their differences in appearance. All the same, she loved her sister dearly.

Jackie wiggled her sisters hands, “Come on. Tell me what you’ve been up to that you haven’t been telling me on the phone. You’ve been hiding things from me,” she said with an inquisitive smile on her face.

Of course Lana would tell her, but she knew that some of it would surprise her older, more mature sister.

“Well, you know that I was telling you that I was sharing a room with another girl, right?”

“Yes,” answered Jackie with anticipation, “I think you told me her name was Sandy, right?”

“Yes. She was a little wild and we spent a lot of time together,” giggled Lana, “We went to parties and met all sorts of guys. We sometimes missed out at school just to go to the mall or walk around town. I tried not to do that too often, because I didn’t want it to mess up my grades.”

“Anyway,” Lana continued, “She’s the one who talked me into getting my belly pierced and the tattoo on my butt. She also talked me into…..” she paused.

“What?” asked Jackie.

Lana giggled again, then brought her voice to a whisper, “Well, she talked me into getting my clit pierced.”

“What!” exclaimed Jackie with surprise.

“Shhhhhhh,” Lana put her finger to her sister’s lips, “Mom will hear.”

Jackie leaned towards her sister to hear the details.

“Yes…when she talked me into getting the belly ring and the tattoo, she tried talking me into getting my clit pierced.” Lana paused for a moment, “At first I said absolutely not! After all, getting a hole poked though my clit didn’t sound like a good idea.”

“I can imagine,” Jackie giggled.

“But she kept pressing the issue and told me that she had one. She ended up showing it to me.”

“Really?” asked Jackie with surprise, “What did you think when you saw it?”

“Well,” continued Lana, “A little surprised….. then I asked her if it hurt. She said it only did for a short bit then she was fine. She told me that it intensifies your pleasure when someone is……”, Lana paused again, trying to think of a tactful way to describe it to her sister, “Well….when someone is going down on you.”

Jackie’s eyes widened. She couldn’t believe her ears.

Jackie’s thought for a moment. She was dying to ask her sister if she ever had anyone go down on her to find out, but she couldn’t bring herself to ask. Lana could tell that Jackie was wanting to know more.

“So, I finally decided a couple of weeks later to do it.”

“Did it hurt?” asked Jackie with concern.

“It did at first but then it was all over. I got used to it in a hurry and I sort of like the way it feels, down there.”

Jackie giggled quietly at her comment. She was still dying to ask her sister the question. Finally she couldn’t contain herself and she softly blurted it out. “Have you had anyone go down on you to find out how it feels?”

Lana’s face started to turn a soft red. It usually takes a lot to embarrass her, but that question did the trick and Jackie could tell.

“You don’t have to tell,” assured Jackie, “I didn’t mean to ask.”

Lana paused for a minute. She really did want to share with Jackie. After all, it was something new and exciting.

“No, that’s ok. I would have been curious too.” said Lana, “and the answer is… yes.”

“Reeeeeally….” said Jackie with a long, drawn out word. “Who was the lucky guy?”

There was a long pause in the air. Lana wasn’t sure how to tell her sister that it wasn’t a guy at all. What would Jackie think if she told her the truth?

Jackie waited for her sister to tell her the answer, but nothing was coming out of her mouth.

“Well?” asked Jackie with a smile, “You’ve told me too much to turn back now. Who was the lucky guy and what was it like?”

“No,” replied Lana, “I better not say. You might freak out.”

Oh, this was getting interesting, thought Jackie. She needed to know!

“You’re my sister,” said Jackie, “Whoever it is, I promise not to tell. It will be between me and you.”

“Ok,” Lana said escort kadıköy cautiously, “But you promise that you won’t freak out, right?”

“Of course I won’t.”

Lana thought for a moment then proceeded to tell her sister in the best way she could.

“What if I told you that it wasn’t a guy?” asked Lana shyly.

Jackie’s head started to spin. If it wasn’t a guy, then it had to be a girl.

Slowly, Jackie started to question her, “Are you a lesbian then? Who was it with?”

“I don’t think I’m a lesbian,” replied Lana with a questioning voice, “I mean, I love guys and all, but I think I like girls at the same time. Does that make sense?”

Suddenly, Jackie felt a swelling warmth deep inside her most private place. Confused, Jackie began to feel a little embarrassed by her surprising reaction within. She looked back up at Lana who was seeking understanding from her loving sister.

“I…I…” Jackie paused, “I guess that makes sense. I never thought about two women together before. Especially you…being that you’re my sister.”Another question stormed into Jackie’s mind. “How did it happen, if I can ask?”

“Well, a couple of weeks after of got my clit pierced, Sandy asked how I liked it. I told her that I was finally getting used to it being there. Then she asked me if I had had a chance to try it out yet. Of course, I told her no, because I was still a virgin.”

“Go on,” said Jackie with great interest. She could still feel the warmth inside her becoming more intense as Lana told her story. The strange feeling was surprising her but she didn’t let her awkwardness inside show. She had never felt this aroused before. It was always fun flirting with guys and she could often get off with that, but this sensation was different.

Lana cleared her throat with a subtle grunt then continued, “She told me that you can still be a virgin and try it out. I was assuming that she was talking about masturbating at first, so told her that I had played with it a little bit, but was careful with it because it was so new. Then she asked me if I had ever let anyone go down on me. I was a little surprised when she asked me that, but then I told her that I didn’t have any guys in mind that I wanted to try it out with. Then…. she asked me if she could check and see if it was all healed.”

Jackie’s jaw dropped.

“I was a bit embarrassed that she asked me that,” Lana continued,” but then she laughed at me and said that it was no different than a doctor checking it out. After all, she was just in med school. I thought about it for a little bit, but was curious for her to look at it. I’m not sure why. I was just curious.”

Jackie listened to Lana with great interest, finding herself curious to know how Lana felt at that moment. She could feel that her own panties were wet with excitement. She was finding herself wishing that she was in Lana’s shoes.

“So I agreed,” continued Lana, “I pulled down my skirt and took off my panties and put one foot up on a chair for her in inspect me. She came over to me and kneeled down to take a look. She looked at it for a little bit and then said, it looks ok. Then I started to put my leg down and she stopped me. She told me to wait. She wanted to look closer.”

By now, Jackie was almost squirming in her set, as she tried to contain herself. She was more excited than she wanted to be. After all, it was her sister that was telling her this unbelievable story. She prayed that her sister couldn’t see her secret excitement.

Lana could also feel the excitement grow within her too, as she told the story to her sister. She was reliving the moment in her mind. She was almost getting to the point where she wanted to go hide somewhere and satisfy herself.

“Before I realized it…..” Lana continued, “Sandy’s head was between my legs.”

Jackie felt a surge of wetness run from her most inner core as Lana told her about Sandy. She was really excited and didn’t understand why. She didn’t want to know why.

“What did you do?” asked Jackie, trying to contain her excitement.

“I wasn’t sure what to do,” replied Lana, “I almost wanted to make her stop. In my mind I was saying it was wrong, but at the same time, what Sandy was doing to me…. felt so good. I just couldn’t ask her to stop. She played with me in places I never imagined would feel so good.”

“Places?” asked Jackie.

“Well, I had never had my pussy eaten out before. I never imagined that a tongue could reach so far and make me feel so good. I was also surprised when she……” Lana paused for a moment.

“What….What did she do?” asked Jackie. She could barely hide her excitement, as hard as she tried.

“She…she…well,” Lana hesitated.

“What?” pried Jackie, “What did she do?”

“Well, she laid me down. I was almost limp from excitement. I just went with the motions as she guided me. She rolled me over so that I bent over the edge of the bed and she started probing my ass with her tongue. At first I tried to resist,” bostancı escort said Lana, “but she asked me to relax and try to enjoy it.”

“She stuck her tongue up your butt?” “Your butt hole???”

“Yes,” giggled Lana, “She did….. but it felt so good after I finally relaxed. Then she would go down on my pussy again and come back and lick my ass. Do you think that makes me a lesbian?”

“I don’t know,” said Jackie, “You still like guys, don’t you?”

“Of course I do,” replied Lana, “I love guys…even though I’ve never slept with one.”

“Then I don’t think you are a lesbian,” said Jackie softly, “Maybe it was just a one time thing.”

“Maybe,” said Lana with some questioning in her voice, “But, to tell you the truth, I crave doing it again. There was just something about being with Sandy that felt so good.”

Jackie was now finding herself craving the experience that Lana already had.

“Did you go down on her?” Jackie found herself asking.

Lana paused for a few seconds before answering. She remembered going down on Sandy after she asked her to. She remembered the sweet taste and luscious smell that came from inside Sandy as she burrowed her head for the first time between another woman’s legs. How she wanted to do that again.

“Yes,” continued Lana, “I did.”

Jackie started to squirm a little, where she sat. She looked at her sister and began to fantasize what it would be like to go down on her sister. After all, her sister was a beautiful woman….but wait! She was her sister! She tried to shake the thought out of her mind. She couldn’t let herself think those kinds of thoughts. She tried to regain herself and not think about such things, but she was so wet with excitement. She so wanted to experience something like what her dear sister had described. But no! She would have to find some other way to satisfy herself. There had to be some other way! She couldn’t let Lana know about how excited she was or what she had been thinking.

Lana also felt the excitement of warm sweet fluid dripping into her panties. She had to find some way to relieve herself from this feeling. It was almost overwhelming. If only there was a way that she could have that feeling of warm lips caressing her wet pussy again. If only…..

Then Jackie found herself blurting out words that she almost wished she wasn’t saying, “I almost envy you and wish I could experience something like that.” Jackie’s head began to swim. What did she just say? Did she just say that out loud? In front of her sister? What was she thinking?

Lana’s head was spinning too. Had she heard her sister say what she thought she said. She couldn’t have! And if she did, what did she mean by it?

“What?” asked Lana. She was almost afraid at ask more.

Jackie didn’t know what to say. All she knew was that she was quivering inside and she felt almost animal-like with desire. Worst of all, desire for her sister! She tried to beat back the feelings inside. She had never thought about being with a woman until this evening and now she was craving the need to be intimate with her very own sister. But that was just wrong! Worse…that would be incest! She had to push that thought from her mind.

“Oh…nothing….um…just…” she stuttered.

Lana could see that her sister was uncomfortable.

“Are you ok, sis?” asked Lana with concern, “It’s ok. I hope that I didn’t offend you or freak you out in any way.”She paused for a moment, “I love you, sis.”

Lana brought her hand up to run it though Jackie’s hair for comfort. She was looking for approval and understanding from her sister. She was also wishing in the back of her mind, that she could be closer to her.

“No, you didn’t freak me out. It’s just that….” Jackie stopped herself, “It’s just that…” Jackie wanted to say it but it was stuck in her throat.

“What is it then?”

Jackie started to giggle to make light of her feelings inside, “It’s just that your story was actually… kind of exciting. I’m definitely not judging you for it….and maybe I might be just a little bit envious.”

Lana sighed with relief as she smiled at Jackie, but then the smile vanished from Jackie’s face. She suddenly looked so serious. Lana could sense feelings within Jackie. She could see it written on her face and in the way she held her body. It was almost a look of desire…. a desire for her! But was she reading her wrong?

Suddenly Jackie dropped her gaze. She was ashamed at what she was feeling and the sudden need to be with her sister. It was wrong! She kept telling herself that it was wrong!

Lana brought her hand up to Jackie’s chin and nudged her face up to face her’s. She was hoping that she was reading her sister correctly or she might greatly regret what she was about to do, but she took the gamble anyway. She gently leaned towards her sister and kissed her on the lips. It was not a sister kiss. It was an inviting kiss.

Jackie slowly drew back with surprise but she did not recoil from her sister. That was not just a kiss from a sister. She could feel the need and desire in the kiss and she instinctively wanted more. She still couldn’t help but to pause and question what had just happened.

“Lana?” Jackie whispered, raising her eyebrows in question.

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