Lunch With Rita

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I had spent about half an hour of Tropical Fish Therapy (i.e., sitting in the waiting room) before my doctor decided he couldn’t fit me in after all that morning. The nurse said he had a cancellation in about three hours, so I decided to have lunch and maybe go out for a walk. Since I hurt my leg playing squash last month I’ve had to use a walking stick, but my doctor said some gentle exercise would be good for me so I limped off down the street.

After lunch I wandered about at random, marveling at how different the downtown area looks when you roam through it on foot instead of driving through it. Something I hadn’t expected was that only two or three blocks from the smart shopping area, the tone of the district changed drastically. The place looked downmarket, almost disreputable, though I could still hear the hum of traffic from the central business district. It was something quite new to me.

While idly sight-seeing, I nearly collided with a young woman who was standing against the shop front of a shabby second-hand store. “Sorry, Miss,” I said automatically.

“What’s the matter, grandpa, lost your guide dog?” she replied with a sort of bored sarcasm in her voice. I looked at her again. She was probably about 20, the age of my youngest daughter, and it wasn’t hard to work out what she was doing here ­ the t-shirt was a little too tight, the skirt was a little too short and she wore a little too much make-up. She didn’t exactly wear a sign that said “I’m a Hooker” but few people would have mistaken her profession.

“No,” I smiled, “just looking around.” She wasn’t bad looking, meaning she probably hadn’t been on the streets that long, and had a flip don’t-mess-with-me manner that made me suspect she could take care of herself. She ran an appraising eye over me, obviously calculating her chances of doing any business. It struck me that with my silver hair (it runs in the family) and my walking stick, she had probably written me off as being too old for a customer, which rankled a little.

“Bad part of town for someone your age, gramps,” she said, her eyes sliding away as she dismissed me mentally. I decided that if she thought I was an old codger, I’d play up to that.

“Show some respect, young lady, or I’ll put you over my knee,” I rumbled.

She raised one eyebrow and clicked her tongue – “Promises, promises, grandpa!” But she turned back towards me, willing to consider me as a human being rather than a non-person. I could see her wondering whether or not to proposition me, and decided to move the game pendik escort along a square.

“A nice young woman like you shouldn’t be hanging around this part of town either, some people would think,” I said in a more ordinary tone of voice.

She smiled a little at this description and replied in a low drawl “Maybe I’m not as nice as all that.” She tilted her head a little, staring up at me. “So, you looking for nice or naughty?”

I should have made an excuse and left about this stage, but something in the situation made me want to push the envelope and see how far things would go. “Which are you?” I said and she smiled “Whichever you want, honey.” Automatically she arched her back, pushing her firm young breasts against the material of her t-shirt. I had to admit she looked very inviting, and she saw me hesitating. “Whichever way you want it,” she said.

“Hmmmm, my leg….” I began, but she waved this excuse away. “Don’t worry, honey, we can work around that problem.” She gave me a professionally seductive look. “And your leg will be the last thing on your mind.”

It was crazy, but I was starting to feel… interested. Most of my partners since my wife died had been women from our own section of society. I had never thought of venturing into the play-for-pay business or of chasing nubile young girls. But this girl had a certain something. I gave a discreet cough and made a quizzical motion with my head and she leaned forwards to whisper a price in my ear. It wasn’t cheap but I’ve paid more for a meal at a good restaurant. I decided I might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb.

“You have somewhere near here?” I asked.

She jerked her head sideways. “Nice and quiet behind that alley, mister,” she said calmly. Geez, I thought, this is getting just too weird ­ this morning I was on my way to a doctor’s appointment, now I’m humping young prostitutes in sleazy back alleys!

“Come on, honey,” she said in a manipulative tone, leading the way into the shaded alleyway. I followed with mixed emotions ­ 10% disbelief, 20% caution and 70% enjoying the roll of her hips in that short skirt. The alley was L-shaped, and I found we were in a reasonably private little cul-de-sac. She sat me down on a packing crate and relieved me of the agreed sum; the cash vanished from sight with a speed that would have done credit to a stage magician.

I stirred uneasily. “I’m not sure….” I began but she cut me off. “Don’t you worry, honey, I know just what to do to help you,” and dropped to her knees in front of me. maltepe escort I realized with amusement that she thought I meant I might not be able to get an erection (something that has rarely been a problem for me since puberty).

While she fumbled with my zipper, I couldn’t help but notice her unfettered breasts bouncing. I cleared my throat and raised my eyebrows hopefully, indicating her t-shirt. She rolled her eyes and said in mock disgust “Men! They never change at any age…” before pulling the t-shirt up to reveal a handsome set of tits indeed. They were tipped with perky brown nipples that poked out at me in a friendly manner. It was a long time since I’d seen such a firm young bosom (except in PLAYBOY) and I hardly noticed her fingers in my groin till they closed around me suddenly.

“Just take it easy now, sweetie, little Rita knows how to take care of this….” And then she said nothing more, because her mouth was busy. My eyes widened and I inhaled sharply as an electric shock seemed to run through my body, spreading out from my crotch. “Waughh!” I groaned and my head lolled back till I was looking straight up at the sky. Sitting there, staring into the clear blue of infinity while I felt her educated tongue working on me, I felt as though I had reached some personal apex of sexual pleasure.

Then the sensations stopped, and I heard her say “Wow!” in a surprised tone. I looked down and saw I had the biggest, stiffest erection I’d had all year. My lady friend was still on her knees, looking up at the phallus towering above her. “Damn, I knew I was good, but I didn’t think I was that good,” she said softly. I bit my lip; if she wanted to think she’d performed some miracle of sexual healing, I wasn’t going to disillusion her. I was too busy waiting for the next step.

“That’s wonderful,” I managed to croak, feeling the blood pulsing through my manhood. She rose to her feet, and with a practiced gesture slipped out of her panties and pulled back her skirt, revealing the sweetest little pussy I’d seen since Junior High.

She moved over me, her hips shimmying invitingly. Then she paused. “You’re sure you’re OK for this? I mean, you don’t have a heart condition or nothing?” At the moment, I wouldn’t have sworn to that, the way my pulse was pounding, but I shook my head in what I hoped was a sincere and encouraging manner. She frowned for a second, then shrugged and took my throbbing maleness in her cool little hand, held it steady and began to slide her beautiful little pussy lips over it.

“OH kartal escort GAAAAAAAAAD!” I groaned involuntarily in sheer sexual delight. My cock was incredibly hard and erect, and it had just slid into the smoothest, wettest little harbor you could imagine. All the way into the depths of her totally gorgeous cunt. I was buried in the most divine piece of pussy imaginable. This girl was a goddess…

My delirium was interrupted by a harsh voice just next to my ear. “I said, are you all right? We can stop if you want to.” I shook my head again and mumbled something about being OK. She shrugged and returned to her customary attitude of sardonic defiance. With a roll of her hips, she began to move up and down on top of me, forcing my rampant masculinity in and out of her moist passage. For a hooker, she felt really tight.

I was losing control as she fucked me resolutely, her young body driving me crazy with pleasure. I realized I was burbling wordless sounds of delight as my entire universe seemed to contract down to the junction between our two bodies.

“Oh no…..” All too soon I felt my cum beginning to rise, my body unable to slow down. My buttocks shoved upwards violently, lifting her half an inch as I felt the primeval urge to penetrate the woman as deeply as possible. My balls twitched and a torrent of sperm came rocketing out of the head of my cock, pulsing into her again and again as I moaned softly. She slowed as she felt my orgasm exploding, pausing with her chest just opposite my eye level. If there was a better way to climax than with my cock in her educated pussy and her lovely young breasts swaying in front of my eyes, I couldn’t think of it.

She rose to her feet and with quick professional movements cleaned herself up and arranged her clothing. Now if anyone came down the alley, she looked perfectly presentable. I, on the other hand, was red faced and shaking, my half erect penis slowly relaxing as a few last drops of my seed dripped from its head.

She looked down at me and a half smile crossed her lips. “I got to admit, gramps, you proved me wrong. I didn’t think you had it in you.” She started to turn towards the street and I croaked “Wait!”

“Yeah, hon?”

“Could I … see you another time?”

“Sure. I’m usually on this block. But remember – cash, no cheques, no credit cards. So long as you don’t forget that, you’re always welcome.” With a swing of her hips, Rita (or whatever her name really was) strolled back to the street.

It took me about five minutes to collect myself. Even without my bad leg I think I would have needed that walking stick. My doctor would wonder when he took my blood pressure what on earth I’d been doing. When he advised gentle exercise, I don’t think Rita’s mouth and pussy were exactly what he had in mind!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32