Controlling Daughter: Revisited

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Note: This story is a sequel to Controlling Daughter.


I opened my eyes a little after eight the next morning. Susan had left over an hour before with Carla James to visit Carla’s mother in a town not far away. It would be an all day affair and I didn’t expect my wife to return home until late evening. I had the day to myself and I lay in the bed for a few lazy minutes planning my day when suddenly the events of the night before came back in vivid clarity.

My cock was instantly hard as I remembered my sexy daughter spanking my ass, teasing my hard cock and licking my asshole. In all of my years I had never experienced what many would call kinky sex. The images of her toes in my mouth, my tongue gliding between them and over the soft, pink soles of her sexy feet, the feel of her wet little cunt around my thick cock, brought a long, loud groan to my mouth.

I got up finally and hit the shower. While I stood under the hot spray of water the urge to jack off was overwhelming, yet I maintained some restraint. I could still hear Becky’s voice telling me that I was hers from now on and she intended to spend a lot of time fucking me. The last thing I wanted to do at that moment was waste any cum since I was looking forward to another hot time with my daughter that day. Susan would be gone all day and that made plenty of time for my little girl to once again take control of me.

I padded barefoot down the hall to Becky’s room to say good morning. The door was open and the room was empty. I checked the den and the patio, then the kitchen, without seeing a sign of my sexy little girl. I was disappointed. I was just finishing breakfast when I found a note attached to the refrigerator with a magnet.

Come down to your workshop, daddy, it read. I looked at the locked door and smiled. I knew what the cryptic note meant and I was instantly glad that I had worn nothing under my robe. I opened the door to the basement and hurried down the steep wooden stairs. As it had been last night, the lights in the immediate area of my shop were out, but a light filtered from the area where Becky and I had made love last night.

I came to a complete halt when I rounded the corner and saw Becky and her longtime friend Samantha. Then it came back to me, an important piece of the night before that I had forgotten. Becky had told me that Sam wanted to fuck me. Both girls sat on the old comfortable sofa, dressed in robes staring at me. It was obvious from the way they were dressed that both girls had something else in mind other than kicking back in the old man’s hideaway.

“Hi, daddy!” Becky chirped. “You sleep good last night?”

“I, uh, yeah, I slept ok,” I stammered. Then, looking at Sam, added, “Hi, Sam.”

“Hi, Mr. Bryant,” she said with a smile. Her voice held a rather sumptuous tone, one I’d never heard from her before.

“We’ve been talking about you, daddy.”


“Oh, yes,” she giggled, as she cast a look at Sam. “I, um, told her how sexy my daddy is.”

“Yeah, Mr. B.” Sam’s light gray eyes dropped briefly to the midsection of my robe.

“Take your robe off, daddy,” Becky said, her tone light but commanding.

I will admit I was a little uncomfortable with undressing in front of these two young, sexy girls. Had it just been Becky, there wouldn’t have been a problem considering what had happened the night before. And, even though my daughter told me that Sam wanted to fuck me, the idea of stripping down to nothing in front of them was a little awkward for me.

“You know the rules, daddy,” Becky said in that soft commanding voice I was beginning to get used to. “You belong to me now and you will obey me.”

“Take your robe off, Mr. B.,” Sam added with that delightfully sultry voice.

I sucked in a big breath of air and let it out as I slowly shrugged out of my robe. I stood in front of Becky and Sam, completely naked while they were still dressed. There is something wicked and naughty about being the only one naked, which probably makes me an exhibitionist.

“Oh, it’s gorgeous!” Sam exclaimed as she stared at my semi-hard cock.

“What did I tell you,” my daughter chuckled. “My daddy has a nice cock and it feels so nice in a girl’s cunt!”

“How big is your cock, Mr. B.?” Sam asked, her eyes wide and staring.

“Seven inches,” I said, my voice little more than a gasp.

“It’s so fat!” Sam’s voice clearly indicated her admiration.

“Are you ready to service us, daddy?”

At that moment I was ready to do anything my daughter asked me to do. Then, again, I didn’t really have much to say since she had already set the rules last night. I belonged to Becky and I was bound to her in such I way that I could not disobey her, and much of that was due to the fact that I wanted her to control me. I wanted to be submissive to Becky.

“Yes,” I managed to say.

“Take off your robe, Samantha,” Becky said with her lovely eyes on me. “Daddy is going to eat your delicious asshole.”

“Fuck, yeah!” Sam exclaimed.

Sam casino oyna stood and slipped out of the terrycloth robe she wore and I groaned loudly when I say her naked body. She was short like Becky, her skin soft and pale with a light smattering of freckles on her pert nose, shoulders and slender thighs. Her pussy was shaved, the lips pink and glistening with her juices. Her small tits were cone shaped with fat pink nipples that were hard and ready to be sucked.

“You like my body, Mr. B.?”

“I love it, Sam!” I gasped.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time,” she said as she walked to where I stood. Sam touched the tip of one long finger to my chest and let it slowly make the journey down across my stomach to the thick patch of pubic hair. “Becky says you’re a nasty boy and I love nasty boys!”

I gasped loudly when she started caressing the underside of my cock with a fingernail. The action was a repeat of what my sexy daughter had done to me the night before and the feeling was exquisite. My legs began to tremble and I stood in front of this sexy young girl as she teased my hard cock until I thought I would scream with desire. I didn’t move or touch her because Becky hadn’t given me permission.. I still remembered the rules.

“You can touch her, daddy,” Becky said suddenly as if she had read my mind. “I want to watch my daddy fuck my best friend and lover.”

“That’s right,” Sam chuckled in that low, sexy voice as she read the surprised look on my face. “Becky and I have been lovers for a couple of years.”

“That is so hot!” My voice had become shaky with lust and I sucked in a big breath.

“Make love to me, baby,” Sam said, her face twisted into a wild look of lust and desire, her beautiful eyes locked onto mine. “Start with my shithole!”

Sam turned and bent over at the waist and placed her hands, palms down, on the coffee table. She spread her legs wide and I stared at her lovely pale ass for a moment before dropping to my knees behind her. Her cheeks were spread wide with the way she was positioned and I could easily see her sopping wet pussy. But it was Sam’s pink little asshole that drew my attention. Without waiting I pressed my face eagerly between her cheeks and began to lick her crack. My tongue traveled slowly up and down the sexy redhead’s ass crack, licking and savoring her sweet taste. She groaned her pleasure loud and long.

“Lick her nasty ass, daddy!” Becky hissed.

“Oh, fuck, yeah!” Sam cried out. She pressed her lovely ass hard against my eager face.

I stuck a middle finger into my mouth and got it wet, then pressed it against Sam’s tight, pink asshole that was already wet with saliva from my tongue. I pushed and watched through lust-glazed eyes as it sank into her ass. She squealed with delight and tiny whimpering sounds came from her mouth.

“Such a nice little-girl ass!” I said with a lust-filled voice.

“You like little girls, don’t you, daddy?” my daughter asked as she slipped from the sofa to the floor beside me.

“Oh, yes!”

“Rim her ass! Push your greedy tongue into her asshole!”

I groaned with unbridled ecstasy, removed my finger and began to probe Sam’s sexy asshole with my tongue. Sam began to grunt and writhe, as I loved her little asshole. When I slipped a finger deep into her pussy, Sam screamed. Her voice, so sexy and feminine and young, sent shivers of delight deep into my belly.

“Kiss me, Becky!” she cried out.

My daughter scooted around to the coffee table, planted her sexy ass on it and took her friend’s face into her hands. I watched in amazement as my daughter and her best friend kissed deeply and passionately. Their faces twisted side to side as their lips and tongues consumed each other.

“Your daddy is so hot, Becky!”

“Wait until he shoves his cock into your cunt!”

“Oh, fuck!”

It’s difficult to find an analogy that adequately describes how I felt watching my daughter and her best friend kiss deeply, their tongues clashing with hot, blistering passion. Their lips made smacking sounds as they kissed and both girls groaned with loud unbridled desire while their hands caressed and explored. My own desire continued to swell and pulsate with each second that I bathed Sam’s hot puckered hole with my greedy tongue.

Sam’s lips kissed my daughter’s face and neck; her tongue licked and tasted Becky’s soft skin, while my daughter’s pretty eyes locked onto mine. I could see the passion in her eyes and in the way her lips trembled with desire. When Sam began to lick the small, soft globes of Becky’s tits, the young raven haired beauty gasped loudly.

I turned around and rolled onto my back, then scooted under Sam until her wet, slippery cunny was just above my face. With a squeal of delight, she lowered her pussy and I began to eat the soft pink meat ravenously. I groaned forcefully. It was so damned intoxicating that I felt dizzy with the pleasure that flashed through my sex-numbed brain. I lay on the floor with a most desirable young girl’s wet pussy rubbing slot oyna my greedy mouth in tiny, quick circular motions, my hands caressing her soft hips and thighs.

“Fuck, yes!” Sam cried out. “Eat my cunt, Mr. B.!”

“Such a nice little pussy!” I groaned. “So wet and hot!”

“MMMMM! My daddy likes little-girl cunts!”

“That’s it, Mr. B.!” Sam cried out. “Suck my clit!”

I squeezed her soft ass cheeks while I attacked her pussy with my tongue and lips. While Sam ate my daughter’s tits, I slipped a finger into her pussy, then a second and a third. Sam’s hips began to rock wildly as I pumped her wet fuck hole with three fat fingers. When my fingers were wet and slippery with the young redhead’s pussy juice I pulled them out and pressed the middle finger to her small, wrinkled asshole and pushed. She screamed her delight when I sank my finger deep into her ass and began pumping it hard and fast.

“Oh, Fuck! Yessssssssss! Finger-fuck my asshole”

Sam was hot. She dropped her head between Becky’s spread legs and began to devour my daughter’s pussy with her mouth. I head my daughter scream and heard the creaking of wood being jostled around forcefully as my daughter’s hips began to rock madly. Sam had slipped beyond the boundaries of sanity and reasoning as she suddenly began to convulse frantically with orgasm. I pumped her asshole with a fat middle finger and sucked on her clit while she screamed into Becky’s pussy.

I held onto Sam’s wildly gyrating hips as her pussy rubbed my mouth until the spasms subsided and she collapsed with her head between my daughter’s spread legs. She gasped for breath and I could feel the tremors that still shook her small body. I got onto my knees just behind her and began to plant small kisses on her soft back while I reached under her and began to caress her tits and tummy.

“That was so fucking good!” she exclaimed.

“What did I tell you?” Becky grinned as she cut her eyes toward me.

“Do you still want to have my baby, Sam?” I asked softly.

Sam looked over her shoulder and grinned at me. “Oh, fuck, yes! I’ve wanted you to breed me for so long now!”

“Yeah, daddy, fair is fair.” Becky had a knowing smile on her face and the cryptic words piqued my interest.

“What’s fair?” I asked playing along.

“Well…” And the two girls laughed as they traded a look. “I’m late, daddy. I should have had my period two weeks ago and I bought a tester at the drug store. I’m pregnant and the only man I’ve been fucking for the past two months is Mr. Tyler.”

I stared at my daughter for at least two full minutes without saying a word. Curiously, Becky’s admission that she’s been fucking Harold Tyler, a good friend and neighbor, over the past two months didn’t bother me. Of course, after what I had done with my daughter and what I was about to do to his, sort of leveled the playing field. What was incredible to me was that Becky was pregnant with Harry’s baby and that knowledge began to stoke the fire of my lust to a bright, white-hot flame.

“So, are you gonna make a baby in me, Mr. B.?” Sam’s voice was soft and hesitant and I could tell she was unsure – mostly because of the long pause as I digested the startling information.

“I’m going to shove my cock in your hot little cunt, Sam, and fuck you until I fill you up with my baby seed!”


“Fuck her, daddy! Make a baby in her!”

I touched the head of my cock to the delightful little redhead’s pussy and moved it up and down a few times between her wet, slippery lips. Then I positioned it at the entrance to her hot fuck hole and pushed hard, both of us gasping with pleasure when the head spread her lips and sank deep inside of her.


As I began to fuck Sam’s pussy with slow, hard thrusts, she quickly buried her face back between my daughter’s wide, spread legs. Becky’s eyes, which had been on mine, glazed over as her friend’s tongue began to once again devour her steamy wet pussy. I couldn’t believe that I was on my knees behind a sexy young girl, fucking her hot pussy that felt like wet satin to my hard, throbbing cock while she ate my daughter’s pussy. It was the most erotic experience of my life!

I caught Sam’s tits that were swinging madly and began to fondle them. She groaned her approval into Becky’s cunt while my fingers pulled, pinched and twisted her delicious hard nipples. The three of us were panting and gasping as we fucked, sucked and licked each other. Sam’s tight little cunt was like a velvet glove around the fat shaft of my raging hard cock.

“You like that, baby?” I gasped as I pounded her pussy. “You like my cock in your cunt?”

“Oh, fuck, yes! You feel so good!”

“It makes me so hot to watch you fuck my lover’s pussy, daddy!” Becky exclaimed breathlessly. “Now I want to see her tummy get big with your baby in her!”

“Make a baby in me, Mr. B.!” Sam whimpered into my daughter’s sopping wet gash.

“I think both of you should start calling me Jim,” I said. “Especially you, canlı casino siteleri Sam, if you’re going to have my baby.”

“MMMMM! I like that!” Sam hissed.

My baby girl was beginning to grow more and more excited as Sam continued to consume her pussy. I could see her desire and the hot, steamy lust in her expression as she stared at me. She was leaning back a little with her hands, palms down, resting her weight on the table

“Does it make you hot to know I’m pregnant with Mr. Tyler’s baby, daddy?” Becky asked with a smile on her lust-filled face.

“Oh, yes, baby! I can’t wait to see how beautiful you’ll look with a baby in your tummy!”

“And now you’re going to make my best friend pregnant!”

“Oh, fuck!” I groaned. The idea of making the delightful little redhead pregnant nearly caused me to blow my seed into her cunt before I was ready. I was trying valiantly to make myself last the course. “Sam is so beautiful and I can’t believe she wants to have my baby!”

Sam groaned as she ate my daughter’s pussy and shoved her sweet ass back hard against me. I let go of her tits and began to fuck her harder and faster, shoving her pretty face harder against Becky’s steamy cunt, which caused my daughter to cry out with pleasure. Then, without a word, Becky raised her sexy feet and settled them gently on Sam’s back.

“Lick my feet, daddy!” Becky said breathlessly, her pretty eyes on me. “Suck my toes and lick my feet like you did last night.”

“Oh, baby…”

I grabbed both of my daughter’s feet and raised them to my mouth. I became an animal as harsh, guttural sounds issued strongly from my mouth. I sucked a big toe deep into my mouth and began to suck it as I would one of her fat nipples. She whimpered with delight. I began to swirl my tongue around her big toe, licking and sucking it as she roughly fondled her tits. I took all of her toes into my mouth and loved them until I saw the stirrings of Becky’s approaching orgasm. I licked the soft, pink soles, kissed them and pressed them hard against my face.

Becky began thrashing, bucking wildly as she suddenly exploded into orgasm. Seeing my little girl cumming from the attention of another girl’s mouth brought me to the edge and I erupted deep inside of Sam’s pussy. I dropped Becky’s feet and reached under Sam, found her clit and began to rub it furiously. The combination of my finger rubbing her clit and the sudden explosion of cum inside of her, brought the cute redhead to a mind-numbing orgasm.

* * * * *

Several long minutes later I lay on the floor on my back with Sam on one side and Becky on the other. I held both of the girls against me tightly as our bodies trembled. Two long, soft legs were entwined with mine as they lay close, their hands lightly caressing my chest and stomach. Looking down over my stomach I could see my limp cock glistening with Sam’s pussy juices and her cum.

“Thank you, daddy,” Becky said raising her head and looking into my eyes. “You are so hot!”

“I think I should be thanking both of you,” I chuckled lightly. “Last night and today has been the most incredible time of my life!”

“You are so sexy, Jim,” Sam murmured, raising up and looking at me. Then she lightly touched her lips to mine and kissed me softly. “I’ve wanted you so badly for so long.”

“And now you have each other,” Becky smiled.

“You know,” I said hesitantly, as a thought came to mind that I didn’t think either girl had considered. For that matter, it looked as though I hadn’t though of it. “Have either of you thought about your mothers? While Harry and I would love this arrangement, I doubt your mothers are going to be thrilled about us making you girls pregnant.”

“I think that’s a little late, daddy,” Becky laughed. “At least for me it is.”

“And it will be too late for me, Jim,” Sam said. “You and are going to make a baby today.”

“Besides, Sam and I have all of the bases covered,” my daughter put in. “We’ve already seduced her mom and she’s thrilled about our plan.”

“Wait a second,” I said quickly. “What plan?”

Becky looked at me with an exasperated look on her face. “After you make a baby in Sam, we’re gonna change places. I’m going to move in with Harry and Gina and Sam will move in with you and mom.”

“Well…” I started laughing. It was the craziest plan I had ever heard of, not to mention the most impractical. “You may have seduced Gina and she might be all for your plan but your mother is gonna go nuts. Trust me…I know your mother, baby.”

“Trust me, daddy,” Becky said with that knowing smile of hers. “This plan is going to work.”

Suddenly, I felt a small, soft hand on my cock and I looked down to see Sam’s fingers curling around the limp shaft. Then, without a word, Becky began to suck and nibble on my right nipple while Sam attacked the other. Together, in the small space of maybe fifteen seconds, they had my cock hard and throbbing again. I couldn’t believe it! I was hard again!

“We have a baby to make,” Sam said softly as she gently kissed my lips.

“Oh, Sam…”

“You know what I said last night about me owning you, daddy?” my daughter asked. When I nodded she said, “Now you belong to Sam. Whatever she says, you have to obey her.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32